Do you also come to churches and teach?

Yes, we listed above the material we are certified in that we can come to your church and teach at no charge.  

Can you do plumbing and electrical?

We can do plumbing and electrical as long as no permit is needed and we’re just replacing existing fixtures.

Do you do home repairs?

We are ministry of helps, we do small home repairs for widows, the elderly and single mothers. Based on the size of project, and the materials needed may determine if we can do the project.  

Do you also do exterior work?

We are able to do exterior work, Minor cosmetic siding repair, Gutters, caulking around windows and doors. Closing up holes in the exterior for animals. 

Does Acts 4 deliverance charge?

This is A ministry of helps. We do not charge for small projects for widows, the elderly and single moms however, we do charge for larger projects for material and labor.  All projects will be looked at and we will do everything we can to help.

Do you replace floors, countertops or cabinets?

The answer is yes however there would be a charge for labor and materials for these types of remodel.  

Where currently are you located?

We are currently in the Benton Arkansas area servicing the county of Saline and city’s of Benton, Bryant, Bauxite, Salem, Alexander.  And surrounding cities. 

Do you have a YouTube channel

Yes we do take a look at our latest videos and Bible teachings.